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MCC Day 55 – Cross Examination of Superintendent Campbell and Lisa Banfield’s Charges Withdrawn

After providing his direct testimony yesterday, Superintendent Darren Campbell was cross examined by lawyers for the participants today. Sup. Campbell was the third ranking RCMP officer in Nova Scotia at the time of the April 18-19, 2020 mass shooting, and is the first of the senior ranking RCMP officers to testify at the Mass Casualty Commission. Before Sup. Campbell’s testimony began, [...]

MCC Day 54 – Sup Darren Campbell Testifies and Senior RCMP Officers Point Fingers

It was a busy day for those following the analysis of actions of senior RCMP officers during the events of the mass shooting of April 18-19, 2020 and the press conferences which were held in the aftermath. Superintendent Darren Campbell, who was the third ranking officer in NS at the time of the mass shooting, was testifying in Halifax in the [...]

MCC Day 53 – Using Forensic Psychology to Assess the Killer

In the aftermath of the April 18-19, 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting, the RCMP prepared what they called a “psychological autopsy” of Gabriel Wortman. This document has not been published by the Mass Casualty Commission, but the MCC has published reports from two experts in the field which analyzed the RCMP report. Those two experts testified on Friday. The authors are [...]

MCC Day 52 – Panel on Personal and Community Responses to IPV, GBV, and Family Violence

The MCC today featured a panel discussion on “IPV, GBV and Family Violence: Personal and Community Responses”, and featured Pamela Cross, Legal Director, Luke's Place Support and Resource Centre, Dr. Deborah Doherty, former Executive Director of the Public Legal Education and Information Service of New Brunswick, Emma Halpern, Executive Director, Elizabeth Fry Society of Mainland NS, Professor Janet Mosher from Osgoode Hall [...]

MCC Day 51 – Police and Institutional Understanding and Responses to Intimate Partner and Family Violence

The Mass Casualty Commission continued its focus on the various contextual elements of domestic, intimate partner, and family violence today with two further panel discussions. These represented the seventh and eighth sessions of the MCC which have focused on these topics, each of which provided ‘context’ rather than specific analysis of the April 18-19, 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting. In her [...]

MCC Day 50 – Perpetrator Financial Misdealings and RCMP Officer Misrememberings

The Mass Casualty Commission took a welcome break from academic discussion panels today to explore evidence about the finances of the killer, and to hear from an RCMP officer who dealt with the complaint from Brenda Forbes, which she described in her evidence last week. The financial misdealings Foundational Document gave a window into the degree of illegal activity in which [...]

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