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Adam Rodgers is a ground breaking inquiry, litigation and criminal defense lawyer as well as a leading business and political advisor.

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Insider Legal Analysis of the Nova Scotia Mass Casualty Commission Public Inquiry

With my work representing the Personal Representative to the late Cpl. Lionel Desmond in the Desmond Fatality Inquiry coming to an end, I have an announcement on my next project. The Nova Scotia Mass Casualty Commission, which will examine the tragic events of April 18-19, 2020 in Portapique and other locations throughout Central Nova Scotia, is set to begin hearings on [...]

MCC Day 61 – Halifax Regional Police Chief Dan Kinsella

The Mass Casualty Commission heard today from Halifax Regional Police Chief Dan Kinsella today. Chief Kinsella was brought in to discuss the HRP role in the events of April 18-19, 2020, as well as the structure of policing in Nova Scotia. HRP and the RCMP each cover different areas of Halifax Regional Municipality, and so confront issues of interoperability on a [...]

MCC Day 60 – Commissioner Lucki Cross Examination Revelations

After spending over half the day yesterday on the stand, national RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki was back to give further testimony today. She was questioned yesterday by MCC lawyer Rachel Young, and Patterson Law’s Michael Scott, who was selected to be first to cross examine Comm. Lucki. Today, that cross examination continued. In my piece yesterday, I noted how Comm. Lucki [...]

MCC Day 59 – Commissioner Brenda Lucki and RCMP Leadership Conflicts

The MCC proceedings continued to focus today on the leadership of the RCMP, featuring continuing testimony from the now-retired former Commanding Officer for the RCMP in Nova Scotia, Lee Bergerman, and the current national Commissioner of the RCMP, Brenda Lucki. The contrast in leadership style and competence between the two was on stark display, and it was not a contrast that [...]

MCC Day 58 – NS RCMP Commanding Officer Lee Bergerman

After a three-week summer break, the Mass Casualty Commission resumed proceedings today, with testimony from retired Assistant Commissioner Lee Bergerman. Asst. Comm. Bergerman was the head of the RCMP in Nova Scotia at the time of the events of the mass casualty. She retired from the RCMP just before the MCC proceedings were set to start last October. The timing of [...]

MCC Day 57 – Participants’ Counsel Question Chief Superintendent Leather

The final day of Mass Casualty Commission proceedings before a three week break featured some revelations, expressions of regret, and careful answers from Chief Superintendent Chris Leather, who was the second ranking RCMP officer in Nova Scotia at the time of the events of the April 18-19, 2020 mass shooting. These all emerged from cross examination by lawyers for the family [...]

MCC Day 56 – Chief Superintendent Chris Leather

The Mass Casualty Commission continued to hear from senior NS-based RCMP commanders today, with testimony from Chief Superintendent Chris Leather. C/Sup Leather was the second ranking officer in Nova Scotia at the time of the events of the mass casualty. He was in Halifax after having testified Monday in Ottawa before the Federal Public Safety and National Security Subcommittee. Among the [...]

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